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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Sep 16, 2023 - Dec 17, 2023

Share your passion for your practice through deepening your own Sadhana

Developed for over 24 years, the Lotusland Yoga Teacher Training Program is a rich transformational process that brings to life the depth, challenges and joys of the spiritual path and practice.

You will deepen your understanding of all eight limbs of yoga and develop a personal Sadhana (a personal daily practice) to live your dharma (your unique purpose or path) with compassion to be of service to others and as a healing agent in our world.

Through group practice and lectures taught by our inspiring teachers, in-class teaching practice, 1:1 mentorship, self-inquiry, personal practice and homework assignments - you will uncover your unique voice & be empowered to teach if you choose, in an authentic way, aligned with your truest self.

You’ll learn not only yogic tradition and history, postures and alignment, but also how to live your yoga with love, and apply your new skills in the modern world with devotion to a higher purpose.


This training format is designed for students who want to complete the program over the course of several weekends.

A great fit for those students who would like to do teacher training a bit more spread out, and integrate it into your life without having to take a lot of time off.

Our training size is intentionally limited to 16 students for us to better support your personal path in a safe space where you will be challenged physically, inspired mentally and awakened spiritually.

At the 200 hour level you will be physically challenged but advanced postures are not a requirement. Yoga school is open to everyone.

Required: minimum of 1 year of ongoing vinyasa practice along with a sincere desire to deepen your practice and a willingness to immerse yourself fully in yoga's life-changing path.

Tuition: $3200 *early bird $2900 if paid in full by July 15th

We have 3 work/trade opportunities for 25% off

Visit to fill out an application!

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Sep 16, 2023 - Dec 17, 2023
Sat, Sun
1:00pm - 6:00pm PDT
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28 Sessions
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