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Movement Mindfulness and Me
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9 Sessions
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Grades 1-3 – “Young Yogis- Mindful Adventures” @ GHES
Jan 22, 2020 - Mar 18, 2020
Enrollment opening 1/12/2020!

This after school class is designed specifically for the motor, cognitive and sensory benefits of the early elementary aged students. Participants will:


  • stretch and strengthen their bodies through yoga postures and motor activities
  • build social skills through interactive games and stories with related yoga poses
  • improve focus and attention by incorporating self-regulation strategies, and breathing techniques into developmentally appropriate yoga games


Each class will end with calming relaxation time (i.e. guided stories, sharing time, etc.) Classes are taught by a 20+ year experienced pediatric OT, registered yoga teacher, registered children’s yoga teacher & mindfulness teacher!


*Yoga Mats can be purchased ahead by calling M, M and Me and brought to GHES for the first session. Graphics vary on mats so please call to find out what is available- Rocket Ships, Seahorses, Birds, Elephant, Dinosaurs, etc.

Jan 22, 2020 - Mar 18, 2020
2:30 - 3:30pm