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TEAM (Technique, Emotions, Artistry, and Musicality) WORK!
Jul 15, 2021 - Sep 2, 2021

Skill Level: All


Commitment Level: Basic (less than 1 hour/week practice/class prep time needed)

Instruction time: 1 hour a week


Skills Developed: Muscle Memory, Stamina, Technique, Connecting with Music (Emotions), Artistry (Develop personal style), Musicality (Train your ear), Flexibility, Strength Conditioning


Studio Type: IN PERSON or Virtual


Let’s shimmy off that Covid complacency and get moving together. In each class we will focus on healthy posture, alignment and breathing, while drilling isolations and short combinations for strength, stamina, and flexibility.


The goal is to regain a sense of ourselves, awareness of our bodies, and reconnect with our dance community. As a team we improve our Technique, Emotions, Artistry, and Musicality – while we WORK! We will take a basic movement and continue to layer, as we recognize the sounds and structure of Arabic music. Transitions and responding to the musical changes included. Drill baby drill!!


The music will be stripped down rhythms to make the connection from our ears to our bodies, or Arabic pop, just for the fun of it. Requests for favorite songs are encouraged, and links to songs will be shared before and/or after class.


You are encouraged to accept and give feedback, from your instructors and peers.


Note: For this virtual class, and RakStar Combos, cameras must be turned on. I will be giving you my full energy and attention and expect the same in return. No class recording will be provided. It takes over 5 hours to upload a 30-minute recording on my connection, so its simply not an option, plus, I want to see your faces!

Jul 15, 2021 - Sep 2, 2021
6:00 - 7:00pm