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Intelligent Sequencing
Jun 27, 2020 - Jun 28, 2020

Vinyasa Theory, Pracice, and Intelligent Sequencing


This intensive course is for YA certified Instructors looking to add more tools to his or her tool kit. This course will guide the student through vinyasa theory, practice, and sequencing in a efficient way that makes sense.


The word vinyasa is defined as the ‘movement between poses in yoga, typically accompanied by regulated breathing.’

In yoga, it’s generally known as the mergence of breath and movement in association with a pose or sequence.

The yoga style itself generally begins with a warm up, followed by a dynamic exercise routine, finishing with a cool down.

A trademark of a vinyasa yoga class it’s consistent intensity and movement throughout.

Because it merges the breath and movement in a dynamic and structured way, it’s common to have a 5 breath count and a structured sequence.

Another important feature of a vinyasa yoga class is its focus to the Ujjayi breath.

This breathing technique is known to improve focus and reduce stress.

Vinyasa yoga basics

Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic style of yoga best known for synchronizing the body, mind and breath in a structured way.

The style continues to grow its influence in the western world and is one of the more Popular styles of yoga taught in many studios today.

The style is commonly known as flow yoga, with many variations such as powe yoga r or vinyasa flow yoga.

It is a dynamic yoga practice and is generally a more physically focused style.

Intelligent Sequencing:

Learn how to anatomically support and energetically align these two key principles to creatively and safely create a Vinyasa Flow class including all key elements:

  • Grounding/Centering

  • Warm ups

  • Flow

  • Balance and standing series ( including advanced posture cueing)

  • Stretch and appropriate cool down

  • Appropriate hands on assists

  • Verbal cueing

  • Voice projection (Power Vinyasa)


You will create your own sequences based on principles taught and teach your class to your peers.

*Current RYT, e-ryt yoga instructors participating in this course will receive credit for 12 CEU’s through Yoga Alliance


Saturday, 6/27: 12:30p-6:30p, and Sunday, 6/28: 10:30a-4:30p



6425 Wilkinson Blvd. Ste G

Belmont, NC 28012


Your instructor is Sandy Tadlock, RYT, YACEP.


Jun 27, 2020
12:30 - 6:30pm
Jun 28, 2020
10:30 - 4:30pm