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Yoga Attunement with Live Classical Guitar
Nov 2, 2019 - Nov 2, 2019

Join us for a very special practice combining a therapeutic yoga practice led by Sybil Merriman, with the beautiful music of live classical guitar played by professional musician Tony DePiano.

To attune is to bring into harmony, or to make aware or responsive. In this class we will explore unwinding movements to encourage physical openings, particularly in areas where we tend to hold tension or get stuck in holding patterns. The movements are performed going with, rather than against, gravity, for a gentle approach. In this practice, we also explore the power of stillness, cultivating sensory awareness, and giving the body and mind time to absorb and integrate the music and the movements.

Studies have shown that listening to classical music has both mental and physical benefits, from pain management to improved sleep quality. Listen to the relaxing and beautiful guitar while gently coaxing your body into more efficient patterns of movement, and emerge feeling refreshed, renewed, and harmonious in body, mind, and spirit.


Nov 2, 2019
4:00 - 5:30pm