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CPD Restorative & Yin Teacher Training
Feb 13, 2025 - Feb 14, 2025

Sussex Yoga Training’s 30 Hour Restorative & Yin Yoga CPD course & is for established teachers or those working towards a level three diploma or 200 hours certificate. It is a two day training that will enable you to deliver two entirely useful methods of yoga to your students.

Course Outline

This special four-day training will consist of two days of practical explorations, presentations & discussions with senior teacher, Lucy Leslie.


Restorative: The anatomy & physiology of Restorative Yoga, nervous system regulation & the relationship with other body systems. The physiology of stress & relaxation, vagal tone & how to elicit the relaxation response. You’ll practice teaching, whilst considering environment, postures, props, modifications, progressions, intention, sequencing, theming, class planning, breath & language.

Combining Yin and Restorative Postures in a class: Guidance on sequencing, planning & delivery. The “Putting it all together – teaching from the heart” & Yin Yoga versus Restorative Yoga – what makes them different & why they work well together.

Yin Yoga: In context, it's purpose & benefits. The anatomy of Yin Yoga – “Yin tissues”, flexibility, fascia & the heart-mind connection. You’ll work on practical delivery of Yin Yoga postures whilst looking at intention & attention, the energetic body, duration, breathing, use of props, sequencing and themes.


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Feb 13, 2025 - Feb 14, 2025
Thu, Fri
9:15am - 5:15pm BST
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