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Thrive Retreat 2022: New Beginnings: Mind, Body, and Soul
Jan 16, 2022 - Jan 22, 2022
Are you ready to relax, release, reconnect, and rejuvenate? Come experience true restoration through nourishment with organic foods, time in nature, detoxifying and restorative therapies, holistic education, and connection with your inner-self.
The constant stress of daily life creates an environment where it is easy to disconnect from our own inner voice. This coupled with years of overwork and pushing yourself too hard is the perfect recipe for dis-ease to manifest in the mind, body and soul. It’s time to rest and rejuvenate and to release old patterns of living and thinking that no longer serve you.
If you are ready to restore your mind, body, and soul, this retreat is for you. Upon registration we will schedule you for a 1-on-1 Zoom welcome interview with Holistic Practitioner and Owner of Thrive Wellness Center, Amber Summers, HHP, HNC. During this appointment Amber will discuss your current health challenges and help you to establish your goals and intentions for the retreat. In addition to helping you create your healing experience itinerary for the week, Amber will also create a customized protocol to help you prepare for your retreat. Your customized retreat schedule, along with a retreat journal, will be sent to you for recording and integrating your experience.
Retreat week will begin with an opening fire ceremony during the full moon on Carate beach in the OSA Peninsula. Each day you will enjoy 3 meals organic, fresh, whole foods and juices and have the opportunity to participate in meditation, yoga, healing modalities based on your intentions (see list below), swim in the turquoise ocean, lounge in hammocks on the beach, walk through the rainforests, and rest and restore in the gorgeous common areas of the Finca.


MIND: Learn information to help you and your family thrive. Nourish your mind with daily interactive educational sessions on holistic topics: Breathwork for Healing, Partners Reflexology, Meditation 101, Healthy Eating, Essential Oils for Health.

BODY: Release physical and emotional toxicity through holistic nutrition, breathwork, vibrational sound healing, reflexology, massage, detox ionic foot baths and infrared sauna sessions. During this week we will help you break your sugar, salt, caffeine, and food additive addictions and shift your nutritional outlook and understanding of how to eat for optimal cell/body function.

SOUL: Restore your soul through meditation, yoga practice, forest bathing in Corcovado National Park, Reiki energy healing with optional aromatherapy and custom crystal grids.

Jan 16, 2022 - Jan 22, 2022
5:30 - 7:00pm