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Sound Journey
Feb 8, 2020 - Feb 8, 2020

Experience the beauty and transformative nature of sound. Participants will be guided in meditation and gentle yoga, and invited to travel inward as An- drea weaves together original songs, vocal toning, shruti box, crystal bowl, and drum. Sound Journeys allow the nervous system to relax, creating space for natural healing processes, newfound insight, and well-being.


Andrea is a sound healer and meditation and restorative yoga teacher. She has been a student of yoga since 2007, and has over 8 years of personal development ranging in shamanic ritual, holotropic breath- work, and embodiment of the voice. Andrea facilitates spiritual transformation and embodiment through sound and meditation and teaches restorative yoga for nervous system resilience.

Feb 8, 2020
7:00 - 8:30pm