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New Moon Mala Making + Meditation
May 4, 2019 - May 4, 2019
Do you know why there are 108 beads in a mala? Why is mantra important? What is a mantra meditation? In this workshop, you will make your own mala and learn how to use it to create a mantra-based meditation practice. This special workshop is led by Kember Griffiths and Sarah Trulove and is designed to give you new meditation tools to elevate your practice and your life.

$50/student (includes mala materials)

New Moon is a time where we aim the arrows at our intentions. We set goals and spend quiet time to see them clearly. We envision the best outcomes of situations or reflect on qualities we would like to exhibit in the month ahead.

Sarah will guide you as you make your own 108 bead mala. From there Kember will teach you how to use your intention, create your mantra, and meditate with your mala for the first time.

May 4, 2019
2:00 - 4:00pm