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On My Own: Independence Skills for Tweens with Defend Yourself
Mar 2, 2019 - Mar 2, 2019

Parents: Is your child—late elementary school or early middle school—heading to school on their own? Walking alone or with other kids? Beginning to take public transit? Staying home alone for longer stretches?

In this workshop geared to the 9 to 12 year-old set, Defend Yourself will share skills that help them be logistically, mentally, and emotionally ready for these and other situations, as well as strategies for if something doesn't go as planned.

Parents are encouraged to participate and there will be a short parent session following the workshop. Cost of enrollment covers one child and caregiver.

Spend an afternoon with your tween helping them cultivate independence, critical thinking, and safety... and give yourself some peace of mind.

The workshop will be led by teachers from Defend Yourself, which has been sharing child-safety skills for 20 years! For more info, check out

Limited scholarship funds are available; if you need financial assistance, please email In Takoma Park.

Mar 2, 2019
2:00 - 4:30pm