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Online Garter 01: White (Pole 1)
Dec 31, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020

Learn Everything Xpose Has to Offer…

Become Xpose Fitness Certified!

Xpose has created a program to encourage all Xpose Divas to become more well-rounded. It's like the black belt system in Martial Arts; you will climb up the ranks, in order, with the goal of earning your black garter!

White Garter is the Pole 1 Xpose Fitness Certification Level. All applicants are expected to have taken several Pole Level 1 classes to be familiar with the vocabulary and able to perform the most commonly taught basic spins, transitional moves and pole strengthening exercises. The certification consists of two separate parts and must be submitted via digital video for grading. (The video will only be viewed by the Garter Instructor, and will not be distributed or shared with any other entity.)These can be submitted individually, but videos must be submitted in their entirety—this means no pausing, editing, or any other manipulation of the video:


1. Compulsory Moves – Comprised of a list of movements commonly taught in Pole Level 1 classes. Applicant must be aware of vocabulary characteristic of this level and be able to demonstrate the list of movements without instructor explanation to be submitted via video for grading.

2. Routine – Applicant will receive a link to a You Tube video outlining a Level 1 Pole routine. This routine must be performed, recorded and submitted for grading.


How to Register:

1. Sign up – register here on this page and you will receive an auto-email confirming your registration with the list of compulsory moves so you can start practicing!


2. Set up a You Tube account if you do not already have one. It is helpful if the email for your You Tube account is the same email used for Xpose Fitness but not absolutely necessary.


3.You are ready to go! Your auto-email will have all of the details and any further instructions.


**Please note: You will have ONE week from registering to complete the certification process. Please do not register if you are not able to complete the process. There are no refunds.**


Should you not pass a level, have no fear! You will receive 3 free classes to polish up those moves, so you can come back and try again!

Once you earn your black garter you will also receive a Certificate of Completion and a custom Xpose Fitness Order of the Garter Hoodie with your name on it.


For questions on this process or the garter program in general, please email our garter certification coordinator at

*** Be Sure to OPT-IN for auto-emails from Xpose fitness in order to receive your garter instructions!***

Dec 31, 2020
12:00 - 12:10am