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Yoga + Anatomy Series: Hips Edition
Nov 6, 2019 - Nov 20, 2019

They say that hips don't lie, and there's some truth in that. Most of us can say they feel tightness, pain, tension, or discomfort in their hips at some time or another. Some of it may be our lifestyle--sitting at a computer, in the car, etc. Sometimes it's positive movement but always in one plane, like running on pavement, that can cause imbalances in the hips.

This three-week series is for novice yogis and experienced instructors alike. We will cover the anatomy of the pelvis and hip joints in-depth, discussing the bones, ligaments, joints, and muscles that can cause discomfort in the hips. We'll also touch on the emotional patterns of holding tension in our pelvis that can contribute to issues. By the end, you'll feel more knowledgeable, open, and grounded in this important part of your body.

+Cover the anatomy of the hips and pelvis, including structures and movement mechanics
+Specify asana that focuses on strengthening and opening the hip joints
+Learn how tension in your hips and pelvis can relate to emotions and life experiences
+Understand the benefits of yoga and asana to keep your hips strong, open and healthy

Class Includes
+Discussion and lecture
+Practical application of asana and pranayama
+Opportunity to ask questions

What to Bring
+Mat (we have extras)

Nov 6, 2019 - Nov 20, 2019
7:30 - 8:45pm