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Sunday Slow Flow: A Three-Week Series
Mar 8, 2020 - Mar 22, 2020

Nature offers a cyclical reminder of the natural ebb and flow of life cycles. With the pace and distractions of our modern life, it’s easy to forget this truth and lose our awareness of the ups, downs, gains, and losses. Coming back to this fundamental awareness provides perspective and scope to weather the storms of our lives—our seasons—and live with more ease.

Through this three-week series, we will take time to pause and reflect on the close of this winter season, the energy challenges and gifts this transition presents. During each class, we will use movement, meditation, reflection, and discussion as tools to gain a broadened perspective.

Take cues from the season to learn how to embrace your own cycles and find love for yourself in any season.

What to bring
+Mat - we have 6 mats available on a first-come, first-served basis.
+Props are provided but feel free to bring any from home

Mar 8, 2020 - Mar 22, 2020
5:30 - 6:45pm