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Community Kirtan "Journey To Forgiveness"
Jul 19, 2019 - Jul 19, 2019

oin us for a beautiful evening of Kirtan (call and response) amongst salt lamps and candles at the Zen Studio.
This is a FREE community event so you don't need to be a member to come along :-)
All ages welcome and no singing experience necessary!

About the Event:
Back by popular demand.. yet again! A FREE Community Event for all. Join Brisbane based Meditation Teachers Candace & Anah for an enlightening Journey to Forgiveness ¬ A Path to Real Freedom through Sacred Sound.

Is anger, bitterness and resentment towards someone who has wronged you, let you down or hurt you, keeping you a prisoner to the past and to toxic emotions? Anger is one of the biggest causes of stress and in the final analysis anger hurts us more than anyone else.

To be free we need to learn how let go and actually forgive. If we want to hold on to that “treasure” of anger and resentment, then we cannot taste real freedom and happiness.

Jul 19, 2019
7:00 - 9:00pm