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The Center Yoga Collective

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  • Closed - Opens 2:00pm UTC
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Nov 16, 2023

Paul S.

Walking out of Yoga at The Center, my bank account is almost exactly where it was when I walked in BUT the account that I save all my excess peace and wellness is busting at the seems. I feel well, tranquilized, physically magnificent and encouraged to continue my journey towards mind, bodily and spiritual enlightenment. Yoga at The Center is like a cheat code for having the best day ever or like having the Game Genie to finally beat every level of Zelda but just like when you beat The Legend of Zelda, you need to make sure a friend is there to witness and experience the bliss with you or no one will believe you achieved such heights. I am currently going only once a week and it colors my whole existence. The space is gorgeous, the instructors are skilled beyond belief but meet everyone where they are and you can just feel the goodness and peace when you walk in, kinda reminds me of the feeling I had when I beat The Legend of Zelda…but I digress