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The unexpected unfoldment of her yoga and life journey thus far inspires Michelle Chua to share the whole-being nourishment yoga has gifted her.  As a dancer, schoolteacher and trailrunner in 2001, she was first drawn to the challenge of physical yoga, or asana.  Years later, as she spent a year rehabilitating after surgery from a dance injury, yoga meant slowing down, more consciously aligning her body-mind and nurturing inner balance. Then, during fourteen months teaching as a volunteer abroad in Ghana and Costa Rica, yoga became a daily inner refuge that sprouted much insight about self-acceptance, non-attachment, interconnection and living more simply and wholeheartedly.  Impassioned to share yoga's profound tools for connecting with inner peace and vitality, Michelle returned to California in 2010 and earned her first Yoga Teacher Certification with Kia Miller at YogaWorks.

She then dedicated herself to facilitating yoga classes full-time and founded Root 2 Rise Yoga, through which she continues to offer donation-based Yoga in Nature and yoga, nature and culture adventure retreats abroad, revisiting Costa Rica for many more years.  She continues to pursue further education to enrich her teaching and personal life, having studied Mindful Leadership with Dr. Ronald Alexander, Meditation with Shunyamurti and Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Trauma-Informed Yoga with Hala Khouri, Yoga off the Mat with Sean Corne and Suzanne Sterling, Yoga Awareness and Lifestyle with Kia Miller, Intelligent Creative Asana Sequencing with Schuyler Grant, Chad Dennis and Jenn Perry, Qi Gong Movement Meditation with Chungliang Al Huang, Dance Meditation with Lucia Horan, Shiva Rea and Tanmaya and much more.  In August 2021, she is scheduled to complete her Yoga Psychology Teacher Certification with Ashley Turner. 

Michelle aims to share yoga that is accessible to diverse individuals, using clear instructions and heart-centered themes to curate a self-empowering experience, honoring the traditional 8 Limbs of Yoga.  Connect with her at

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