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Full body group training workouts that are personalized to the individual. All exercises can be modified to your specific needs based on your assessment results. Safety first, literally! 

The problem with group training is once you get 20 people together doing the SAME exercises, someone is bound to get injured. You have an old knee injury here, a shoulder pain there, and some plantar fasciitis over here. You can't possibly have all 20 people doing the same workout safely.  

This is exactly why we modify exercises in the group setting based on your individual needs. After doing your assessment we are fully equipped with all the knowledge we need about your body. Our trainers know what exercises you should avoid, which ones you can perform safely and how to modify each workout to keep you safe and get you results. 

Our trainers will keep a close eye on your form and be quick to offer corrections and regressions when necessary. You will find thorough instructions from our trainers on how to perform the exercises correctly. 

Special Instructions

We have a strict start time policy so DON'T BE LATE, not even by 1 second. As soon as the clock strikes for a class to start the door is locked. If you show up any time after a class has started you will be locked out. 

To reserve your spot in a class make sure you sign up for each class you plan on attending. 

Seriously, DONT BE LATE. We suggest you show up 5 minutes early when the doors open for entry to each class. No one enjoys getting locked out and turned away and we don't enjoy turning people away either. 

BUT when it comes to safety we require that each client receives a full warm-up before each class starts as the warm-up each day is specific to the exercises performed in that class.