Your How-To Guide for Getting Online Classes to Your Community

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As an entrepreneur, you know that adaptability and success go hand in hand. The global crisis created by COVID-19 is calling on you to change your business model at least temporarily. You can no longer rely on your clients visiting your business to stay in the green. Your success requires you to get creative and think outside the box. The first step? Transition to an online model TODAY! Bring your community to you virtually, with livestream classes.

Livestream Classes

Livestream is a great way for everyone to stick to their normal routine during self-isolation/ quarantine. Continue to offer that 6 a.m. class that your clients love! Livestream also allows you to engage and connect with your members just as you would in person! You can also offer the recordings to these classes on-demand so your clients can access them when it’s most convenient. Eager to get started? You can skip right to our video instructions now! 

How to Livestream Your Classes

At WellnessLiving, we suggest using Zoom to livestream your classes. First, you must pick a plan. Zoom offers a FREE plan which allows you to host 40-minute classes to a maximum of 100 participants. To host larger classes with mandatory registration you have the option to upgrade to a pro, business, or enterprise plan. To help get you started, follow these steps to setup your own Zoom account.

Create your online class

Once you’re all set up with your Zoom account, you can now create your online classSimply choose when and for how long and it’s ready to go! We also suggest taking a few moments to review your settings, because you have the option to restrict access for your clients only, configure participant audio, video, or even chat to suit your preferences. You can still personalize this experience for your clients, even if it is virtual!  

Let clients book your online classes

Now that you’re set up to go virtual, you will have to give your clients access so that they can register for your class. You can promote these online classes by including links in your class setup or with a Custom Schedule Widget. Clients can then register for your class by providing their basic information. They then get an email with a shareable link to join the class. It’s that simple! TIP: send it out again to clients at least 15 minutes before class to ensure no one is late.

How do you market your live online classes?

Promote your classes on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, or target specific clients with WellnessLiving’s Automated Email Marketing Campaigns. You can also share parts of the class on social media to get clients interested!

Filming your live class

Now it’s time to host your live class! Select your class in Zoom, click start, and you’re LIVE!

You don’t need an expensive camera or lighting equipment. All you need is your phone or computer webcam! Just make sure it’s on a steady surface or better yet, a tripod. We always suggest doing a test run before class starts to ensure everything runs smoothly. Here are some additional tips on creating a great online class:

  • Ensure there’s enough light in your space
  • Adjust the audio to make sure instructors can be heard clearly
  • Be aware of any background noise and turn off all TVs, radios, or other appliances
  • Choose music that sets the mood and doesn’t drown out the voice of the instructor (Note: the music source should be further from hosting device than the person speaking)

Help Your Community Stick Together!

Right now, it is crucial for everyone to stay active, find social connection and maintain routine. This alleviates feelings of isolation and anxiety. As a health and wellness expert in your community, you have the power to make a great impact, and WellnessLiving is here to help!

For more information on taking your business online click here.