Attract, Don’t Chase | Build Your Best Business Ever with the Law of Attraction Part 1

law of attraction business, Taylor Wells and her family

Building and running a successful business often comes down to many different factors. From strategic planning to careful execution, sometimes it might be worth it to take a step back and re-evaluate your intentions. After all, nothing can be built without a solid foundation.

We are excited to bring you “Build Your Best Business Ever with the Law of Attraction”—a 4-part blog series written by renowned Law of Attraction teacher, Taylor Wells.

Part 1: Attract, Don’t Chase

law of attraction business, Taylor Wells and her children
Taylor (center) is a happy supermom of 5 awesome children.


Hi! My name is Taylor Wells, and I’m a happy Supermom of 5 great kids, a United Nations Yoga Peace Ambassador, the Founder of 5 Prana Power Yoga Studios (in New York City and Massachusetts), the founder of Prana Restaurant (the first raw vegan restaurant in Newton, Massachusetts), an Author, Boston Herald Blogger and Columnist, Clinical Psychologist, Juice PLUS Sales Coordinator and BEST LIFE EVER Coach. I created every single one of these things utilizing the Law of Attraction.

I teach, write, and coach the Law every day, and today I am going to share some facts about the Law of Attraction so you can apply them for business success, should you choose to.

I use the word “choose” deliberately and with intention, as I do all things. Utilizing the Law of Attraction is deliberate creation vs. creating by default. We are always creating, so choosing to create deliberately and intentionally is an important first step in utilizing the Law of Attraction for business success.

As always, take what you want and leave the rest. If it speaks to you, go for it! If not, focus on something else. This is a theme you will see repeatedly as you utilize the Law of attraction for business success: Focus on what speaks to you and what you WANT, not what you do NOT want. My intention, hope and objective is that you put whatever speaks to you into action: NOW. It’s all about the now. This moment is all we have and utilizing massive action, once you are in alignment, is how you create momentum. and once you have momentum—born from authentic intention—your business is all set. It will soar.

The Law at Work

Before I dig into how to understand the Law of Attraction and how to apply it for business success, I’m going to tell you a fun and happy story to show you how the Law works in our everyday lives. I have learned that people are more open and interested and learn better when hearing a story vs. hearing “straight facts.” I believe it harkens back to being told stories as children. It was fun for us as children and paired with love and connection. And anything paired with love and connection is a good thing, as you will learn. Yes, even business—especially business. I believe that all things are intricately connected—that nothing stands alone: therefore, business is not “separate” from life.

Here’s the fun story, or fairy tale, that lead to the birth of Prana Power Yoga, our yoga empire that thrived for 16 years. I was filming a yoga video for my yoga teacher and the producer moved me from the middle of the room to the side of the room—something about my hair color or the color of my top. I was not pleased because I was already on shaky ground, having just left my marriage and a relationship of 17 years. As I laid my mat down in my new spot I glanced to my right and blurted out to the person next to me (clearly without thinking first), “Oh my God, I had a dream about you last night!” To which he replied without hesitation, “So I am, quite literally, the man of your dreams.”

I was mortified I had blurted out such a thing (even though it was true) and spent the next 4 hours while filming the video planning my escape route. I ran for the hills and avoided this person for months. I was very focused on being a “happy single mom”, and another relationship was not on the menu.

Three months later, when my 3-year-old daughter was sick and I was exhausted and burnt out, I decided to go to yoga. And there he was— “the man of my dreams”—right next to my mat. I was so exhausted that I surrendered, and said quietly, “My 3-year-old daughter is sick, I’m exhausted, I have throw up in my hair, and I’m in the middle of getting divorced.” The man (of my dreams) smiled at me as he looked into my eyes and just listened, cross legged. I felt heard in a way I had never felt heard in my 17-year relationship with my soon to be ex-husband.

law of attraction business, Prana Power Yoga
When you paddle downstream, the Universe opens up for you.

Two years later, we got engaged, left the rat race, opened Prana Power Yoga, bought a house, got married, filmed a yoga video, and got pregnant with our first child—all in one year. When you’re in alignment, the river runs fast. And it flows downstream, with ease. This is another theme in utilizing the Law of Attraction for your business success: paddle downstream. When you find you are paddling upstream, stop, find alignment and then begin again.

In time we opened 3 more Prana Power Yoga studios, built a successful teacher training program, opened a raw vegan restaurant, sold the restaurant, opened our 5th studio, wrote a book and inspiration card deck, and cultivated a successful BEST LIFE EVER Coaching business. Our success in our businesses (or lack thereof) was reflective of whether we were in alignment with our intentions, operating from our authentic selves, and utilizing the Law of Attraction deliberately.

How to Create Your Best Life Ever

The 3 principles of my book, which outlines how to create your BEST LIFE EVER include:

1. Yoga

2. Deliberate Creation utilizing the Law of Attraction

3. Eating Healthfully, Mindfully and Without Restriction

I define “yoga” in my book as doing something you love and which takes you into your “zone,” your vortex or your “happy place.” It might be physical yoga, it might be running, it could be hiking, baking, walking, gardening, meditating, reading a good book, taking a bath…your yoga is your yoga, and I advise you to do it daily. #noexcuses

Deliberate Creation utilizing the Law of Attraction includes utilizing your energy, thoughts and words to create your reality. The Law of Attraction, most simply stated, means what you put out comes back to you. There are no exceptions.

So, if you have created something great in your business, congratulations! If you have attracted (created) something not so great in your business, that was you, too. Part of utilizing the Law and Deliberate Creation is getting real and taking responsibility for what you attract. But don’t fret, when you attract something into your business that you do not want, it is priceless information about what you do NOT want, so you can focus on that which you DO want.

Most people talk and think about their business problems all day long. They feel this is their responsibility as a smart business owner. Not so. While it is important to address day to day issues and concerns, to best utilize the Law of Attraction to deliberately create a successful business, most of your time should be spent visualizing what it is that you DO want.

The key is to get yourself into alignment to receive “downloads” regarding how to go about deliberately creating your circumstances. Downloads come in the form of thoughts when you are in alignment, when you have done your “yoga” for the day and are therefore open to guidance from your higher or best self.

You’ve heard many people say, “Work smarter, not harder.” This is what they are referring to. When you are in alignment, have a clear intention, and are authentic to your true self, you will naturally and effortlessly paddle downstream and work smarter, as opposed to attempting to bang it out with action. Action is important, but alignment before action is essential. Remember that whatever you put out comes back to you multiplied. So, keep practicing your yoga daily, setting a clear intention, being authentic, and walking your talk. Things will line up in your business, immediately. As soon as you allow it to.

As you lead from a place of authenticity, grace happens. You are attracting what you want in your business, as opposed to chasing it. You never get what you chase. The chase never ends. Let it come to you. So, you are attracting your business vs. desperately seeking it. Provided you have created the fertile ground for the growth of abundance.

A good example of this principle in our Prana Power Yoga businesses is that I added a kids’ yoga class concurrent to my busiest weekend classes because I was a Supermom of five and knew that a lot of Supermoms wanted and needed their yoga. However, they didn’t want to get a babysitter. My kids’ yoga classes were packed from day one. I was operating from a place of authenticity and intention, and the Law of Attraction sent me kids and Supermoms to take these classes, in such abundance that I had to regularly turn students away.

The Importance of Living Your Word

Another way to understand the Law of Attraction and how to create a successful business on purpose from a place of authenticity, is asking yourself the question: “Would I follow me?” Are you walking your talk and shining as an example of what you believe in? How you do anything is how you do everything. I believe that your business and your life are no different. Brene Brown is talking about this and getting a lot of attention, for good reason. Authenticity is essential in building a successful business, and in utilizing the Law of Attraction to create massive abundance.

law of attraction business, Taylor Wells yoga
Practice your “yoga” daily. Whatever that may be.

Leaders who people want to follow are authentic, real, and come from a “high vibration” or good energy. You know good energy when you feel it. People with good energy are contagious, and you want to be around them. Your business is no different. If you consistently put out good energy, good intentions and walk your talk, your business will thrive. If you trash talk others, compete and cheat, things will not go well.

When we first opened Prana Power Yoga, students would gossip about other studios and teachers around me. I would not engage. Pretty quickly, they stopped the behavior. I stopped attracting it. I stayed above the gossip mill and fray and focused on my intention, and my businesses grew like crazy. With very little effort.

Twice, the Boston Business Journal interviewed us regarding why our studio was doing so well and others were not, with most closing within a year. The reporter kept asking me what our business strategy was, what set us apart. I told her it was simple: I had a clear intention, I walked my talk and I believed that my studios were not separate from my life. They were all in concert together. Please do not confuse what I am saying with being a workaholic and not setting boundaries. That is paddling upstream. I am advocating paddling downstream with the Law of Attraction. My actions at Prana were reflective of my actions in my life, because it was one and the same.

In a nutshell, build your business on a rock, with a firm foundation of clear intention, good energy, authenticity and focusing on what you WANT, not what you DON’T want. Stay clean on all levels and allow the Universe and the Law of Attraction to deliver to you all you wish for your business. Because you can be, do, and have anything that you want—provided that you believe and focus on your desired outcome. Keep in mind however, that talking the talk but not actually walking it is a house (business) of cards. It will eventually fall apart.

Nourish Mindfully

Another important aspect of utilizing the Law of Attraction for business success concerns the 3rd principle of my book, Create the BEST LIFE EVER—eating healthfully, mindfully, and without restriction. My family and I were raw vegan for 7 years and we learned that dogmatism and restriction is not healthy on many levels, even in the name of “health.” It’s an energetic thing, and the Law of Attraction is all about energy. Restriction is a way of shouting “NO!” to the Universe, which does not bode well for your health, happiness, or business. The Universe does not hear “no,” so whatever we shout “NO!” at, grows bigger. Whatever we flow attention and energy to, grows. That is the Law.

We now eat all foods in moderation, take Juice PLUS and are intentional and mindful about our food choices and intake. As a yogi, I know how important it is to take care of your body, mind, and spirit—and Juice PLUS is an easy and affordable way to make sure my family and I eat 13 servings of fruits and veggies a day. It’s not in place of eating well, it simply bridges the gap of what we should eat and actually do eat.

I was open to the product when my friend told me about it four years ago because even though we ate well and juiced, I knew we were not eating 13 servings of fruits and veggies a day. We experienced positive changes quickly and I saw an opportunity to help other families find the success we had. I had also noticed that the yoga landscape was changing and was looking for an additional revenue stream. Here was something we could bring into our studios and help others get healthy while supplementing our income. And it was something I wholeheartedly believed in and was living (authenticity—walking my talk).

Everything Happens for a Reason

I’m so grateful we had the foresight to sign on with Juice PLUS. Because two years in, Core Power opened across the street from our first yoga studio and essentially put us out of business. We sold our studios to YogaWORKS last year and walked away from the industry all together. I’m so grateful I have my Juice PLUS business that I had weaved seamlessly into my life. Now can be the mom I want to be, and no one can put me out of business.

Exactly how was the yoga landscape changing? Are your thoughts really the cause of your business hardships? Keep an eye out for part 2 of “Build Your Best Business Ever with the Law of Attraction” with Taylor Wells.

The Universe Will Always Bring You What You Need

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