December 2018 Release Notes


At WellnessLiving, we’re ready to ring in 2019 with another incredible update chock-full of awesome new features and improvements. Our new additions will encourage your clients as they work to achieve their New Year’s resolutions, while also helping your business stay organized all year long. Get ready to celebrate with us! Read on to learn more.


New Features


New Features

Transformation Log

A transformation log has been added to your suite of client tools in WellnessLiving. With this log, your clients can keep track of changes in their fitness while they attend your business. Physical measurements, heart rate, blood pressure, body fat percentage, short term goals, and long term goals can all be tracked with the transformation log. Clients can even upload a picture with each new entry to visually track their changes over time. This brand new feature offers your clients functionality and inspiration, encouraging them to continue to choose you for all their fitness needs.

To learn more about this new feature, see Transformation Log.

To learn more about the report for this new feature, see Transformation Log Report.

POWER Search

We’ve added a robust new search feature to your client list and reports. With this new Power Search feature, you can create and save custom searches to filter the displayed information by the criteria you choose. Because our reporting system is so comprehensive, Power Searches can be used to see what you need, when you need, and how you need.

To learn more about this new feature, see Power Search.

QUICK Search

Along with the Power Search, you can use QUICK Searches to search your client list for specific criteria. Unlike Power Searches, QUICK Searches can only be used to search your client list and cannot be shared or saved, so they are most useful for one-off searches for clients.

To learn more about this new feature, see Creating or modifying a QUICK search.

Add gym visits from client profiles

If you have gym visits enabled for your business, you can now manually add gym visits to your clients’ attendance history directly from their client profile overview page.

To learn more about this new feature, see Adding a gym visit to a client’s attendance history.


Configure subscription settings when adding new clients

When you add a new client to WellnessLiving, you can now determine that client’s subscription settings during the profile creation process. You can choose whether they will be included in the rewards program, as well as the notifications, reminders, and updates they will receive from your business. With this improvement, you can quickly and completely set up your clients. Furthermore, your clients will never miss any of the important information about your business that they want to receive.

To learn more about this improvement, see Creating a new client profile.

Improved report navigation for date ranges

In this update, we’ve added even more improvements to the appearance and functionality of your reports. With our improved arrow and calendar navigation, you can quickly access any date or date range directly from every report. With just a few clicks, your reports will show the exact details you want.

To learn more about this improvement, see Viewing a report.

Purchasing add-ons from the Achieve Client App

Your clients can now purchase add-on items for Appointments directly from the Achieve Client App. Now, bookings made from your clients’ phones will automatically offer a convenient upsell, helping your business to advertise and sell the products that you offer.

To learn more about this improvement, see Achieve Client App: Booking services.