MindBody Pricing is Driving Clients to Change Software


While MindBody was once a popular option for fitness studio owners, their recent pricing increases have caused many clients to move on to other more cost effective alternatives. In fact, some business owners have found software platforms that give them more functionality at a lower cost than what they were paying at MindBody. Here are the stories of four of those studio owners and what led them to leave MindBody once and for all.

Allison, Absolute Pilates

As the owner of Absolute Pilates, Allison found that both she and her clients struggled with clunky user interfaces that made it difficult for clients to sign up for classes. In addition to that, Allison had multiple locations. MindBody was unable to integrate her multiple locations, so she had the hassle of running separate accounts for each business, she had to log in and out each time she wanted to view her other locations. Then she found out about WellnessLiving. Once she discovered that she could easily manage multiple locations with on login, filter through reports for each location, signup clients for classes, and on top of that save money, she knew that she had to make the switch from MindBody. Although she was a little nervous about making the switch, with WellnessLiving every business has a dedicated Onboarding specialist assigned to your account to ensure the transition is a seamless process as it was for Allison, her staff and her clients.

Pierre, Posture and Balance Clinic

A former user of MindBody, Pierre from Posture and Balance Clinic stated that the high cost of the software was a large reason why he would not recommend MindBody to business owners. In addition to cost, Pierre and his clients found it difficult to use the system effectively. His poor experiences with customer service also helped him to decide to leave MindBody behind for another software platform.

Stephanie, Pro Impact Fitness

Stephanie is the owner of Pro Impact Fitness and found MindBody to be overpriced for the services that the software offered her health club. A big reason for her departure from the platform was when the company raised the monthly cost of the software without giving clients any warning of the price increase. Other reasons why Stephanie left MindBody for a new software platform include a difficult user interface, a limited reporting system, and poor customer service.

Rodger, Sweat Fitness Center

As the owner of Sweat Fitness Center, Rodger initially used MindBody as his fitness studio’s management platform. However, he soon discovered that the software didn’t have the type of functions that he needed it to have and that they were unlikely to add any features that would make his life as a business owner easier. He grew tired of having to use third party software platforms and paying extra for the kinds of add-ons he wanted, and MindBody should have offered for free. When MindBody added new features that no one was interested in and raised the price of the platform, Rodger decided to try out WellnessLiving. There, he found personalized customer service and a willingness to get features that business owners wanted and needed. Rodger was also impressed with the built-in features that allowed him to eliminate the use of third party applications. WellnessLiving mma gym software had everything he needed at a lower cost.

Save Money and Time With WellnessLiving

Speaking with different studio owners, it’s clear that expensive add-ons and increasing prices drove them away from using MindBody to run their business from dental clinics to MMA gyms. When you combine that with difficult to navigate user interfaces and poor customer service, it is little wonder that so many people are making the move.

While there are many different studio and fitness center management platforms available, WellnessLiving offers an all-in-one platform that provides full integration with the tools that your business needs to succeed. With WellnessLiving, you will save time by eliminating the use of most third party applications. In addition, WellnessLiving is dedicated to providing its customers with an affordable platform that makes their businesses simpler to run. Call today at 1 (888) 668-7728 to book a demonstration and to see for yourself how WellnessLiving can improve your business.