Offer Music Classes for Adults? 5 Ways to get more Students!

music classes for adults, guitar instructor with adult student

Looking for a way to add more students to your music classes for adults? Read on to learn how! Are you already offering a variety of classes for adults? Fantastic! Now it’s time to focus on that part of your business and take it up a notch. If getting adult students is a challenge, we can help! Have you been struggling with overcoming the myth that music classes are just for kids? How do you convince adults that they are teachable too?

One of the most common misconceptions out there is that adults can no longer learn music because of their cognitive function. This is a myth! In fact, music classes for adults can be more productive and the results can be longer lasting than lessons taken by children.

It starts with a love of music.

Ask yourself why most kids take music classes in the first place? It could be that because of their parents’ love of music or the fact that the parents took that class in their youth. It could also be because the child themselves knows someone who is interested in music. But does it stem for a genuine love for music expressed by the child? Often that’s not the case, and because of that, it’s often a case temporary interest in music or children losing interest in music altogether.

Why are music classes for adults a more promising endeavor? Well, adults make their own decisions! So if an adult signs up for a class, it’s because they are motivated and committed to learning. They’ve made the decision to commit their time and money to learning, so they’re all in. And to top it all, adults are more equipped to learn complex concepts than children.

In today’s electronic-filled world, with technology evolving every day, adults are constantly broadening their skills and learning new things. The idea that adults can’t learn easily is proven to be untrue on a daily basis. Learning music requires patience, discipline and a sustained interest, not to mention a fully developed attention span.

These qualities make adults the perfect students!

Now that you’ve decided that adult classes are more than viable, how do you start increasing your class sizes? You may have an inkling that marketing your adult music classes will be require a different approach that your kids’ classes. Here are the top 5 ways our experts recommend to up the registration in your adult music classes:

1. Hit your Target – Market

How can you get the word out to adults that you offer grown-up music classes? Start by asking yourself how to best reach your target market!

Try advertising on local radio and in the local newspaper to get their attention. You might also consider sending out a newsletter out or providing information to the families that are already clients.

If parents have chosen to sign their children up for classes, it could indicate a parent’s own love for music. Approaching existing customers may be an easier sell that searching out new ones. You might just spark their interest and get them to try a class!

Cross-promoting is another great way to attract like-minded students to your studio. Consider partnering with a local theater company, vocal studio or adult education center. Ask them to display your business cards on their front desk, add your link to their website, and to share your content. When you do the same, you both benefit!

2. Go Digital

Advertising on your website is a must do! Consider dedicating a separate page to showcase your music classes for adults. Once you’ve done that, you can link that page on your social media. And when you add social media marketing to the mix, you can link that back to your site.

music classes for adults, guitarist on computer
Go digital! Advertise on your website and social media. Offer some quality content and solidify your place on the market!

Social media is such a big part of our lives that it needs to be part of your marketing strategy, too. How do you promote adult music classes on social media?

Get creative!

Post blogs and tidbits of information about music classes for adults to pique people’s interest. Useful and relevant content will help establish your authority in the industry, as well as setting you apart from your competition.

Try an approach called content marketing. This involves producing content specifically designed to attract students to your music classes for adults. Promote detailed student profiles (featuring their success story!), share footage of your music recitals, this is the place to get creative! The idea is to get students interested in your process so they want to try your classes.

Mix it up with photos, video and blogs to appeal to the market. Post regularly on all your channels and keep your content interesting to encourage engagement and to reach as many people as you can. Be sure to announce any upcoming concerts or performances too, so potential students can get the full experience.

3. Put on a show!

Sometimes people need to see what they’re missing to pique their interest. Why not give a demonstration so that the audience can imagine what they could achieve after a few music classes?

Consider giving a concert at the local farmers’ market, play some tunes in a nearby coffee shop or rent a booth at your town’s seasonal fair! Holiday street celebrations are another great place to show off your talent.

How do you decide what to perform? Choose something current or iconic that your audience will instantly recognize. Keep it upbeat and fun. The more your performers are enjoying the show, the more your audience will too!

As a side note, be sure to have someone on standby to answer questions after the performance. Load them up with marketing materials like business cards and flyers to get your name out there. Make the most of your captive audience and be ready to promote your classes any way that you can.

4. Give it a Try!

Adults can be uncomfortable being out of their comfort zone and sometimes that includes hesitating to commit financially to something they aren’t sure about.

How do you get them to take a risk? The best way to get them comfortable is to have them experience your classes without any pressure. Consider letting them audit a class for free– this will way they can get a feel for your methods, see how much enjoyment your students get and leave with a general idea of what’s involved.

Another approach is to let them actually try a class – for free. Make sure it’s a group class so they don’t feel on the spot (bonus: a free group class instead of individual lessons is more cost effective for you too). You could even offer a class specifically for adult beginners. Provide a variety of instruments for them to try and make the class fun and interesting.

music classes for adults, group of musicians
Offer a trial group class to take the pressure off your students!

Trying a class might just reunite them with an instrument they used to play, encourage them to try a brand new type of class or bring back their long-lost love for music!

Offering the free class is well worth the opportunity to reach potential students. Market the class wherever you can and get as much attention for it as possible. The more attention you can get, the more attendees are likely to show up. Offering the trial for free will further encourage potential adult students to give it a try.

5. Easy does It

Adults are busy. And they have hectic schedules. How can you compete with today’s busy lifestyles? Don’t try and find a way around it, work to make it easy!

If most of your students have full-time day jobs, schedule your classes when it’s convenient for them to attend. After work or first thing in the morning or during lunch hour or on the weekends tend to work best for grownups.

Another great idea is to offer your adult music classes at the same time as your classes for kids. So, instead of dropping their kids off, parents can participate in their own lessons right next door. Convenience counts. The easier you make it for adults to learn, the most students you’ll find you have!

All in All…

Offering music classes for adults can be a challenge, but it can also be rewarding! It’s refreshing to teach students that have chosen to be there and are motivated and dedicated to learning. Plus, studies have shown that adult music classes help relieve stress, increase mental focus and improve sleep patterns, not to mention the joy that music brings! There is a market out there, all you need to do is market your music school accordingly.

Ready to get started? Get your marketing strategy in place, add the digital component, show them what they’re missing and make it easy. Following these simple steps will get your name out there, separate you from your competition and will have your music classes for adults full in no time.

Reaching your market, attracting their interest and signing them up for classes? Now that should be music to your ears!

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