How To Run a Successful Energy Exchange Program At Your Yoga Studio

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As a yoga studio owner, you know how valuable each staff member is to your team. Your yoga staff is an ecosystem. You need everyone in your team working together for your yoga studio to be successful. That includes your yoga instructors and front desk staff.

But, does your yoga studio have an energy exchange (EE) program? If you’re new to starting an energy exchange program, don’t sweat it. We’ve got your back!

Having students who are active and committed members of your studio’s energy exchange program is another very important part of any successful yoga community. Why should your yoga studio include an energy exchange program?


As a yoga studio owner, you live by the philosophy that “yoga is for everyone.” That is why you offer an energy exchange program. It provides unlimited yoga classes to those yoga students on a budget. All they need to do is work two to four hours each week.

Most of the time, those in the EE program perform various jobs at your yoga studio. This can include everything from:

  • Cleaning change rooms and studio floors
  • Cleaning the practice room of the yoga studio between classes
  • Doing laundry and folding towels
  • Offering tours of the yoga studio to new students
  • Helping the front desk staff with other miscellaneous tasks, such as empty garbage and recycling bins

An energy exchange program is great for your yoga students to deepen their practice and create meaningful relationships with yoga teachers and fellow students. At the same time, your yoga studio gets clean daily. When your energy exchange staff is on board, it really is a win-win for your yoga studio. You also save on the financial side of hiring a part-time employee.


Many yoga students sign-up for the energy exchange program to save money on monthly yoga membership fees. While they receive unlimited yoga, energy exchange is still a commitment and a big responsibility. It’s still a job, after all!

Do you experience a high turnover rate with your energy exchange staff? We’ve compiled a list of seven things you should consider to help you run a successful energy exchange program:


Remember, your yoga students are constantly busy and are at different stages in life. Many of them have fast-paced careers, while others are full-time students. Some are also single, married, and have children. No matter where they are in life, they come to their yoga mat to unwind, rejuvenate and help find a balance to their hectic lifestyles.

They find your yoga studio, and it’s like heaven to them. Your yoga studio is their sanctuary and home away from home. They’re thrilled they get unlimited yoga for just four hours of their time, but they only have so much time to offer.

They want to be part of your yoga community. However, after a few shifts, they’re a no show, and you never hear from them again. How can you prevent this from happening?

  • Get them to commit for a minimum of six months. Remind them they were selected for the program because of their passion for yoga. A six-month commitment is a reflection of that passion.
  • Work within their schedule. In most jobs, the employee works when needed. However, to keep yoga students committed to the EE program, you’ll need to work with their schedule. Get them to pick a day and time that works for them. If their schedule changes, be open to change their EE shift as well.


It’s important you treat those enrolled with your EE program like any other staff member. Don’t risk separating your EE staff from the rest of the pack! Do you offer discounts on merchandise to your yoga instructors and front desk staff? Offer those same perks to your energy exchangers!

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Offer discounts to your energy exchange yoga staff on retail items, including yoga mats!

What discounts can you offer EE students?

  • Retail items, such as yoga mats, yoga towels, water bottles, and yoga clothing.
  • Yoga workshops offered at your studio.
  • Discounts on memberships to partnered fitness studios.

When you treat all staff members equally, they will respect you and want to be part of the EE program as long as they can. They will treat you like family, and won’t want to let you down. This means they show up for their shift on time. They also do an amazing job each week cleaning your yoga studio. What more can you ask for?


How else can you show appreciation to your EE students? Do you rent yoga mats and towels to yoga students? This is another perk you can offer for FREE to your energy exchange team members.

This might not seem like much, but a small gesture like offering your EE staff complimentary yoga mats and towels for their yoga class can go a long way. A move like this shows them you care.

As a result, this shows your EE member they are truly part of your yoga community. You treat them like family, and they will want to treat your yoga studio as well as their own home.


How else can you grow your EE program? As long as your EE staff is efficient and completes their work, give them the option to take a yoga class during their shift.

When it comes to energy exchange, it shouldn’t only be about work. Put yourself in the shoes of your energy exchange staff. They have a busy life, and yoga brings balance to their life. Some weeks get busier than expected.

You want to make sure they are getting the most from the EE program. What does letting them take class tell them? It says, “despite your busy week, you made it to class!” It’s also a great way to build morale! Your energy exchange staff feels great after class and completely satisfied! As a result, they have a positive attitude toward your yoga studio.

What if your EE staff fails to complete their tasks before class? If there’s time, let them finish after class. At the same time, help them finish.

However, is it common that there’s not enough time for your EE staff to complete their work? Here is what you can do:

  • Make the shift longer. Say the shift is two hours. Make the shift four hours to ensure your EE staff takes full advantage of the yoga class.
  • Assign tasks that they will have no problem completing before class.


You and your entire yoga staff are a family. Get to know them on a personal level. After all, running a yoga business is about more than work! Ask them about their career. What are their goals for 2020? Did they reach their goal? It’s that personal connection that makes them want to part of your yoga community. It’s the little things that make them feel they are part of something bigger than themselves.

To build that connection with EE staff, make sure you get together with them. It may seem like common sense, but before you know it, months have passed since the last time you’ve seen some of your EE staff. Why? They work a weekend shift, and you’re there weekday mornings.

yoga studio software, yoga staff event
Schedule staff events where studio owners, yoga instructors, front desk staff, and energy exchange staff can interact and mingle.

How do you ensure a regular connection with all staff members? Schedule staff events where studio owners, yoga instructors, front desk staff, and EE staff can interact and mingle. In what ways can staff get together?

  • Organize a private staff yoga class. This gives your yoga staff an opportunity to take class together.
  • Schedule a monthly board game night. There’s nothing like a little competition to bring people together.
  • Take staff photos. Are you taking new staff photos? Make sure your energy exchange students are part of that photo session.
  • Have an annual holiday party. Have a holiday feast, and get it catered. You go all out for them. They will go all out for you. It’s that simple.


Everyone wants to feel appreciated. A great yoga studio owner is grateful for their staff. How are you going to show it? When you see them, tell them you appreciate the work you did on their last shift. If you’re not going to see them, send them an email or personal message. Really show them you value the work you do for them. It’s the least you can do.

Is it their birthday? Create a special birthday post on Facebook or Instagram. In the post tell them how much they mean to you and the yoga community.

Do you offer rewards to yoga students who reached a big milestone? When they reach the 500-class mark at your studio, maybe you give them a free t-shirt or yoga towel. What do you offer your staff members for years of service?

Recognize a job well done! Has your energy exchange staff member been part of the team for a year, two years, what about five years? How about celebrating those victories? Reward them with free yoga merchandise or a gift card to a health food store. Or, how about a brand new yoga mat? They’ll love it!

Not sure how to set up a rewards program? Let the WellnessLiving yoga studio software keep track of everything for both you and your students. The WellnessLiving yoga studio software rewards program is accessible on your desktop and the Achieve Client App!


When it’s a great place to work, your yoga staff wants to spread the love! Do you need more energy exchange staff members to join your team? Ask the ones who love it to share their amazing experience. Have them write a positive testimonial or review about the energy exchange program. Share it on your website and social media.
Imagine scrolling through Facebook and seeing this positive testimonial:

“I have been an energy exchange team member for more than seven years. I knew I needed more physical activity, and I found this yoga studio. At this studio, it’s more than just a team. I truly feel I belong to a family here!”

You can also use the testimonials in a blog post promoting the energy exchange community. Use the traditional case study format. In this format, it introduces the energy exchange staff member, explains their problem, and then details the solution or success they found. Here is a brief example:

  • Who: Energy exchange staff member and yoga student.
  • Problem: Before yoga, they were unhealthy and didn’t exercise. However, they knew they wanted a change.
  • Solution: A friend introduced them to your yoga studio, and told them about the energy exchange program. They become involved with the yoga community and met amazing people. They also lost weight and made positive changes to their diet. They are still part of the yoga community seven years later!

It’s easy to grow your energy exchange program with positive and life-changing reviews like that, isn’t it?


Simply put, you want to grow a successful and strong yoga community. Remember, your energy exchange staff is just as important as your yoga teachers or front desk staff. The success of your business depends on the quality of your team, and that includes your energy exchange team members!

It begins when they commit to the program. As they grow within the community, show your appreciation to them. Treat them like any other staff member. Give them perks, discounts, invite them to staff events, and reward them for their dedication and hard work at your yoga studio.

When you treat them right, they will certainly speak highly of you and your studio!

Now that we’ve covered how to run a successful energy exchange program, it’s time to build your team with the right yoga studio software! While you’re growing your energy exchange team, why not let us take care of the rest? At WellnessLiving, we’ve got the all-in-one yoga studio software that takes care of your daily operations, such as staff and student schedule management, rewards and loyalty programs, customer reviews, and so much more.

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