WellnessLiving Packs a Punch for Popular Kickboxing Fitness Gym


Matt owns MA Fitness Florida, a fitness center that caters to students of all ages and fitness levels, offering MA-inspired workouts that are as effective as it is fun.

But running his business wasn’t always fun for Matt.

Before he made the switch to WellnessLiving, Matt was juggling a number of issues with his business management software. He was using an outdated platform that didn’t do much more than input new customers into the system.

“We had a bar-code check-in system that worked fairly well but was sometimes difficult, and the additional cost of people losing their cards never helped,” said Matt.

Primed for Change

To simplify the day-to-day business operations, Matt opted for more modern software. He wanted something that did more than just automatically bill people. Matt wanted an interactive software worth its price.
All it took was a simple demo with WellnessLiving and Matt was convinced of its value.

“[The platform] provides me with features such as SMS and email marketing, and a rewards program that incentivizes my clients and recognizes their loyalty to my business,” Matt said, adding that WellnessLiving is also helping him reduce his credit card fees by 25% every month.
It turns out, WellnessLiving was popular with his clients as well, particularly how easy it is to book their classes online from their smartphones. For Matt, the transition to WellnessLiving not only helped simplify how he runs his business while keeping his customers happy, which is helping to drive sales.

The Transition

Matt’s biggest concern was transitioning from one software to another. Fortunately, WellnessLiving provides free data migration, making the transition simple. A dedicated onboarding specialist offered by WellnessLiving walked Matt through the software platform, how it would benefit his business, and the entire set up process.

Matt learned the system quickly, recognizing the platform’s simplicity.
“It’s so simple to train new staff. I just create a new role for them, and they’re off to the races” said Matt.

How Did Things Improve?

WellnessLiving helped Matt’s business in many ways.
The all-in-one business management software helped him cut costs by eliminating the need for additional services that came at an extra cost from his previous software provider. For example, Matt was paying more than $100 a month on top of his software fees for a mass email service. WellnessLiving includes an email marketing interface within its platform at no extra cost, helping Matt save more than $1,000 per year.

He also benefited from WellnessLiving’s online merchandising capabilities. By providing his clients access to an online store, Matt was able to generate even more income, by purchasing products and services, they didn’t even know were offered.

The new system also gives Matt flexibility. If something happens and he needs to cancel a class, Matt can use the WellnessLiving platform to notify clients via text message — an effective marketing tool and a way to keep in touch with his customers.

Since making the switch to WellnessLiving, Matt estimates he’s saving more than $350 per month. What’s more difficult to calculate is the amount of time that the platform has saved him. Because he can store all class information in one place and automate the class scheduling process, the platform saves him countless hours worth of work every month that he would have otherwise had to do manually.

Fighting for Your Fitness Business

With so much competition, being successful in the fitness industry isn’t easy. You need to find a way to rise above the competition. WellnessLiving’s business management software is your one-stop-shop, designed to help you rise above the rest. Call us today or book a demo below.

If you’d like to speak with a WellnessLiving representative to see how our WellnessLiving can help you grow your fitness business, book a free demo of the platform, or call us at 1 (888) 668-7728.