WellnessLiving Sponsoring the First Pedaling for Parkinson’s Event in Prince Edward County Ontario

TORONTO – July 10, 2019 – WellnessLiving CEO Len Fridman and CFO Geoff Simonett will be participating in “Pedaling for Parkinson’s” in Prince Edward County on July 12-14 to raise funding to support Parkinson’s research. Simonett’s brother-in-law, Jim Redmond and his wife Krista Simonett are the spearheads of this event.

“I get my sense of freedom back when I’m on the bike,” said Redmond, who was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s 4 years ago. “Before I start, my muscles hurt, I have cramps, but there’s something about the repetition of pedaling that helps the brain. When I’m riding, for some reason, I am free of the symptoms. And it’s like that for a lot of people with Parkinson’s.”

Pedaling for Parkinson’s started in 2011 in Parry Sound with Peter Istvan and David Newell and have since raised over $1.7 Million. The annual event ended last year in 2018, but Jim and Krista were so taken by the overwhelming sense of hope and community that emerged from this event, that they were determined to carry on this legacy. And so, they brought “Pedaling for Parkinson’s” to Prince Edward County.

WellnessLiving’s CEO and co-founder has been a tireless supporter of health and wellness charities, and this time it’s no different. “I’m passionate about helping the community,” said Fridman. “When one of our WellnessLiving family members or extended family members is impacted by a health issue, we are there to support them. We are proud to help fund the research supported by Parkinson’s Canada.”

The goal of the event is to raise $200K to fund two research grants to support innovative research. Over 160 riders have signed up to participate, and donations have already surpassed $75k. Pedaling for Parkinson’s is the single biggest fundraiser for the search of the cure.

About WellnessLiving

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About Pedaling for Parkinson’s

“Pedaling for Parkinson’s” was founded in 2011 by longtime friends Peter Istvan and David Newell, to raise money in search of a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. The first year saw 20 riders and raised over $18k. Since then, the number of riders and funds raised continued to increase. In 2018, the last ride in Parry Sound raised $700,000 with nearly 350 participants. To carry on the legacy, Jim Redmond and Krista Simonett brought the event to Prince Edward County in 2019 and continues to bring in supporters for the cause. For more information or to donate for the cause, please visit parkinson.ca.

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