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Indian Springs Academy
From Chaos to Melodious – Indian Springs Academy of Music’s Transition from MindBody to WellnessLiving
May 11, 2019
misconceptions about learning music, instructor teaching adult music student
6 Misconceptions about Learning Music
Apr 26, 2019
music classes for adults, guitar instructor with adult student
Offer Music Classes for Adults? 5 Ways to get more Students!
Apr 15, 2019
work-life balance tips and techniques, Music instructor with two students
6 Work-Life Balance Tips and Techniques for Music Teachers
Apr 08, 2019
loyalty rewards program, smiling kids playing music
Why your Music School should have a Loyalty Rewards Program
Mar 29, 2019
customer retention, Group Of School Children Singing
6 Customer Retention Strategies for your Music School
Mar 24, 2019
grow your music business, violin instructor and student
4 Things you Must Know if you want to Grow your Music Business
Mar 18, 2019
marketing strategies for music schools, social media for music school
Social Media Marketing Strategies for Music Schools
Mar 08, 2019
make-up lessons, piano teacher and student
How to Manage Make-Up Lessons at your Music School
Feb 14, 2019
Grow Your Business with WellnessLiving : Allegro Music & Dance Academy’s Success Story
Jan 28, 2019
music school branding, little boy playing violin
The Ultimate Branding Guide for Music Schools
Nov 07, 2018
Music School Apps: Why Mobile Apps Work for Music Teachers & Students
Oct 27, 2018