The Client Retention Rule No One Knows.

The secret to client retention

Do Rewards Improve Retention? Do this and watch retention rates skyrocket.

Marketing is hard work! That’s why client retention should always be on the top of your to-do list. Keeping clients happy keeps them coming back, which keeps business moving forward.

As a wellness business, there’s nothing more exciting than watching new clients pour in through the doors. They’re excited to be there, maybe a little nervous, but the point is that they’re there, in your business, taking it all in, and bringing revenue with them.

But what’s not exciting is seeing these new clients come back less and less, leaving you wondering where you went wrong. At WellnessLiving, we’re confident our software can help you manage your business more effectively and improve each client’s experience and their likeliness to return.

How Important is Client Retention?

We see many wellness businesses pouring 100% of their marketing budget into securing new leads. What they often don’t realize is that there’s a golden opportunity sitting right in front of them in the form of existing clientele.

  • A typical business will lose 15% of their client base each year (ouch!).
  • Repeat customers spend 33% more than new clients.
  • A 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits between 25% and 95%.

Spending more of your money and energy on existing clients can drastically improve the outlook of your business’ financial future. Here are a few simple ways you can boost your client retention rate.

Reward Clients

Start a Loyalty Program that encourages clients to stay involved with your business and spread good vibes to friends and family.

Warm Greetings and Friendly Check-Ins

Keep in touch with clients for special occasions like holidays and birthdays with personalized postcards that remind them how excited you are to have them back. You can also send thank-you cards after their first appointment or sincere notes of concern if they haven’t been in for a while.

Know Your Ideal Client

You won’t know who to focus your client retention marketing on if you don’t know who your ideal client is. WellnessLiving software offers reports and data that can help you find the perfect patron and customize your retention efforts for better results.

The BIG Secret to Client Retention…

We promised you the big secret to client retention and we promise, it’s coming. But first, know this: There’s no magical algorithm to making a client stay with you. No two clients are alike and with continuously changing expectations and more competition knocking on your door, you’ll need to switch up your retention marketing as needed. But no matter how you approach retention, the big secret is that you must be authentic. 68% of customers leave a business if they feel little to no connection!

So many companies focus on retention marketing techniques (good) but forget that there needs to be a personal element to these techniques (bad). Imagine receiving a gift from someone who didn’t know who you were or why they were giving it to you. It would be meaningless and awkward. What clients want is a sincere connection and to know that you appreciate their business and want them to succeed.

Start marketing smarter, not harder, with WellnessLiving software. You can still give clients that personal attention, but make it easier on yourself with programs like automated campaigns. Request a free demo to see how easy it is to connect with your clients and improve relationships for higher retention rates. The future of your wellness business will look better than ever!

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Request a free demo to see how easy it is to connect with your clients and improve relationships for higher retention rates. The future of your wellness business will look better than ever!

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