How to Keep Your Wellness Center Staff Motivated

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Are you working on keeping your wellness center staff motivated? Keeping your staff happy and productive could make or break your business. A happy team equals a productive team! The success of your business can only grow as great as your employees, so the attitude and satisfaction of your staff should be your top priority.

You don’t want employees that just “punch the clock”, waiting until their shift is over so they can get to what they really enjoy! You need a team that believes in your business and wants to work hard to see it succeed.

Your best employees are the ones who feel like they’re a part of a family, that they’re an important piece of the puzzle. Keep your wellness center staff feeling this way by making them feel appreciated and keeping them motivated.

Have you been wracking your brain to come up with ways to get your amazing team inspired? Don’t lose any more sleep over it, we can help! We’ve put together a list of ideas to keep your team motivated, loyal and working hard to build your successful business.

Ways to Keep Your Wellness Center Staff Motivated

1. Set an example

What’s the best way to get your team performing the way you want them to? Show them how!

Modelling a positive, driven, encouraging work ethic will inspire your team to follow your example.

As a leader, you need to be mindful of the tone you’re setting and the work habits you’re representing for the success of your business! If you want employees to be interested, enthusiastic, and hardworking—then that starts with you.

Here are a few dos and don’ts for you to consider when you are working towards motivating a team of employees:

DO have a can-do attitude! When the going gets tough, you need to show your team you can work together to solve any issue.

DON’T complain or bring negative energy to your business. Keeping employees motivated means showing them that work is not a chore.

DO treat your entire team with respect and celebrate their successes. This will encourage the rest of your employees to do the same, and your business will become a happy and motivating place to work for all of your wellness center staff.

DON’T prioritize saving money over the wellness of your employees. Give them fair breaks and listen to their concerns.

2. Work on communication

Check in often with your wellness center staff to build rapport. Relationship-building is the secret to your success with this one! You want to get to know each employee, so that you can sense when they’re unhappy or not performing at their best.

wellness center staff, listening to staff
Get to know your staff by talking to them and engaging them in conversation.

How do you get to know them?

Make conversation, share common interests, ask about their family and hobbies. Develop a friendly relationship so they feel comfortable talking to you and see you as someone they can be honest with when they need to be.

As an added bonus, you’ll score points just by checking in. When your staff realize that you actually care about how they’re doing, they’ll be more open to talking to you and giving you honest information.

3. Offer the opportunity for anonymous feedback

No matter how close you become to your staff, you’re still the boss! So there’s still a boundary that needs to be respected by both sides. But in a relationship where authority exists, expressing criticism could become awkward from the employee’s perspective.

People often value the opportunity to offer feedback, suggestions, comments – or even to ask questions – where they don’t have to face you directly. In fact, people are often at their most honest when they know their comments are anonymous and they won’t have to explain them face to face.

Look at this as an opportunity to get the truth. The only way to better your business and raise employee happiness for your wellness center staff is by listening to what they have to say, respecting that feedback and implementing change.

4. Make change

Once you receive honest opinions and suggestions from your wellness center staff, you need to act on it! The team’s happiness and satisfaction will multiply when they see that you take their feedback seriously. This is the best way to turn your staff into a happy, united, and motivated team!

You might be surprised what making recommended change does for an employee’s motivation! In a controlled study, employee productivity went up anywhere from 12% to 20% when employees recognized that measures had been taken to up their happiness. Just the information that their employer cared enough to try and increase employee satisfaction was enough to cause that dramatic spike in productivity.

It’s amazing how strongly an employee’s state of happiness is linked to their level of motivation.

Think about it this concept in your own life: if you are unhappy at work, are you likely to put in extra time, think of ways to save the company money or get the best job done that you can? When employees are unsatisfied or unhappy, they are also unmotivated.

Avoid this negativity with your wellness center staff by listening to their feedback and adapting your business to keep them satisfied and happy.

5. Offer benefits and perks

Make your wellness center such a great place to work that your team loves coming in each day! Keep your staff extra motivated by offering them business incentives. If you make your wellness center a positive, productive place to work, your team will be motivated to perform and contribute to the success of your business.

So what can you do? Could you offer an employee discount and free supplier samples? Could you partner with other businesses to offer discounts and perks?

Adding a little something extra to the everyday work experience will set you apart as a business owner who cares. Think of ways that might entice someone to want to work for you and that’s how you’ll motivate your team and keep them happy and loyal.

6. Host work events

Another great way to motivate your team is by hosting work events. What better way to get motivated than to bond together as a group?

Book a fun night out, have a guest speaker visit, or even just order lunch for everyone and kick back. Becoming a united front will make your team even stronger and more motivated.

Have you ever tried a team building event? Not only is it fun and productive for your team to spend time together away from work, but there are tons of way that you can practice using skills that will build and strengthen your team.

You don’t have to overthink this one: schedule a sports event like a baseball tournament or soccer game, where your staff can work together towards a common goal.

Don’t want to make it physical? Host any other sort of team competition where players have to use strategy and work together to solve a problem.

wellness center staff, staff charity event
Motivate your team by organizing work events. Whether that’s a fun picnic in the park or participating in a charity event.

Another great idea is to participate in a charity event as a team. Collect cans, raise funds, or join a bike ride or run for a cause. Helping people, training or working together towards a common goal will strengthen your team and keep your wellness center staff working together to build your business.

Company events can boost your wellness center staff’s overall morale, which can highlight strategies and ways to create a more fun (and motivating) work environment for your business.

7. Offer positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement refers to rewarding your wellness center staff for great performance. We’re not talking about a raise or a bonus here. (Though if those are an option at certain times of the year, they are a fantastic way to show your appreciation for a job well done!)

We’re talking about something as easy as a telling your team they’ve done a great job! Super simple, super effective. Thanking your team in person, recognizing them in a meeting (in front of their peers), mentioning them in the company newsletter – these are all small ways (that won’t cost you anything) to let your team know you are paying attention to their hard work.

Now you might think that this suggestion is trivial and won’t mean anything to the recipient, but you might be surprised how a simple expression of thanks can be motivating to a staff member.

Just knowing that their efforts have been noticed and appreciated is enough to motivate most employees to keep working hard.

An added benefit is that when the rest of your wellness center staff see that you are recognizing and drawing attention to great work, they will be motivated to receive that recognition too.

The result? A hard-working, motivated team, all working hard towards a common goal.

The Truth About Keeping Your Wellness Center Staff Motivated

The bottom line is that when you develop a relationship where you respect and value your employees, they feel the same way about your business. Employees stay motivated when they are contributing to the success of a business and their efforts are appreciated.

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