The Hottest Yoga Trends of 2018


The world of yoga is always evolving. Every year, there are new trends and concepts that change the industry. If you understand the hottest yoga trends of 2018, then you can use them to boost yoga studio enrollment. Check out this year’s hottest trends.

  1. Kundalini Yoga

There are many different types yoga. Each one has its own merits and draws different clients. In 2018, one of the newcomers on the scene is Kundalini yoga. This style of yoga is a combination of both spiritual and physical ideals. During the class, an instructor uses breathing techniques, chanting, and movement to improve consciousness and physical fitness.

By offering Kundalini yoga at your yoga studio, you can cater to clients who want to feed their physical and spiritual desires. It opens up opportunities for new clients and can boost yoga studio enrollment.

  1. Yoga Retreats

As one of the hottest yoga trends of 2018, yoga retreats are the way to go. Although retreats have always been popular, they have grown to new levels of popularity. People want to travel, and when they do, they want to be surrounded by others who share their passion for yoga.

How you choose to capitalize on this trend is up to you. However, it’s a worthy venture. In addition to giving your clients what they want, you can also try something different.

  1. Combination Classes

Yoga is so much more than just yoga. With combination classes, clients can practice yoga while doing another exciting activity. Those who have no experience with yoga are more likely to try it in the form of a combination class.

You can use a wide variety of activities in your combination classes. For example, you could incorporate music, pets, or paddleboarding. Combination classes can boost yoga studio enrollment.

Making the Most of the Trends

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