7 Ways to Revamp Your Wellness Center for the Winter

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Update your wellness center for the winter season! With autumn now upon us, we are reminded of the idea of transformation and the shedding of old ways. Stagnating is never good for business, so use this time to plan how you’ll create a refreshing new approach to grow your wellness center.

Before making any changes, you should analyze your data. What’s been working and what hasn’t been as effective? What are your clients’ spending habits? Are your marketing strategies working? All the answers are in your data, so take the time to study the numbers to create a plan of action.

Next, grouping your clients. Has your target audience changed since you launched your business, or has it remained the same? Are you still relevant to them, or are they looking elsewhere? By grouping your clients into categories, you can begin to cater to each by tailoring services that would attract them.

Now that you have taken a closer look at the inner workings of your business, you can begin to transform your wellness center.

7 Ways to Update Your Wellness Center

We’ve compiled a list of seven ways that which are sure to have your facility ready for the winter season (and beyond!). Get ready to explore a whole new realm of possibilities!

1. Revisit your finances

Looking at your monthly income and cost expenditure is one of the first things you should do if you want to update your wellness center. By looking at these elements, you’ll gain a better view of what is bringing in the most money, and if you should be focusing your attention elsewhere this winter season.

These reports will allow you to see exactly what should be done to transform your business. For example, if the data shows that clients are spending more money on massages than any other services, this can help you adjust your marketing strategy (which we’ll dive into next!). If you’ve spent a great deal of money on merchandise that is not being sold, save money by ending ties with your supplier. If something isn’t working, find alternatives that will.

After observing your finances, you can look for ways to update your wellness center. For example, if you use electronic tools in your services, consider elevating your offerings by ordering the latest tech on the market. There are always new developments arising in the wellness industry, so do your best to stay up to date. This will allow your facility to gain credibility and show your clients that you are ahead of the game!

2. Redesign your marketing strategy

What marketing methods have you been using to promote your business? If they haven’t been effective in increasing your customer base, then it may be time to rethink your strategy. Take advantage of the holiday season and redesign your promotional plan to bring in more clients to your wellness center this winter!

Everyone loves spending time with their families over this festive time of year, so advertise group packages and discounts for their loved ones to enjoy! For example, like the Twelve Days of Christmas, offer your clients little gifts over the winter season. One day you can offer a group spa day deal that includes two services, plus access to any of your facilities like a jacuzzi or shower. On another day, invite clients to get away from the cold and enjoy a warm hot stone massage for 40% off if they bring along a friend or family member. This will create a sense of anticipation and excitement for your clients, as they’ll be looking forward to the next surprise offer.

Many people will also be looking to buy Christmas presents during the winter, so get your gift cards ready! The holiday season is often a stressful time, so market the idea that your wellness center is a place the public can relax and alleviate their anxiety. To give clients an incentive to choose your center as their gift, offer them a 25% discount on their next service for every gift card purchase.

3. Give your social media platforms a makeover

Are you using social media to promote your business? Update your wellness center this winter by giving your business a whole new feel in the digital space. Through themed content and winter contests, you’ll engage more clients than ever!

Update your wellness center, wellness client using app
Engage your clients as well by asking them questions and encouraging them to comment on your posts.

Social media is extremely powerful as it provides a direct link to your target audience. Connect with your clients this winter by producing engaging content centered around the holiday season. For instance, make your team more relatable by sharing special staff holiday photos and family stories on your Instagram or Facebook feeds.

Engage your clients as well by asking them questions and encouraging them to comment on your posts. For example, ask your followers what their new year’s resolutions are. This will create a dialogue between you and your clients, and soon you’ll start to build a sense of community at your wellness center.

Social media contests are another great way to motivate clients to connect with your studio. For instance, you can ask your clients to prove why they deserve a free massage at your facility by sharing their recent accomplishments. Remember that tying in an incentive (in this case, the free massage) is the key to getting maximum participation!

4. Introduce your business to mobile features

As we are moving closer to a new year, consider introducing mobile features to update your wellness center. Modernize your business by going mobile!

Having an app that your clients can use and engage with you can make a bigger difference than you think. In fact, this can increase your conversion rates by up to 590%! (Yes, that’s up to five-hundred ninety percent! That wasn’t a typo.)

Make it your goal to provide convenience to your clients by incorporating a special platform that they can use to book appointments, track their rewards points, and check their profiles.

Clients aside, your staff can benefit from their own app too! A staff app is essentially a mobile version of your wellness center management software system that lets you and your team manage your business no matter where you are. Sign up clients, check them in, take payments, and more with your very own staff app!

Unsure of how to these applications up? Time to find a software system that does it all for you.

WellnessLiving’s innovative staff and client apps are an exciting new way for you to keep track of certain aspects of your business and engage with clients. The Elevate Staff App is a unique tool that helps you take care of business while you’re on the go! Make schedule changes, accept payments, and even analyze data—all on your phone or tablet! Our Achieve Client App is a great platform for your customers to connect with your wellness center. They can easily book appointments and write reviews about your facility—without having to click through their desktop browser. Talk about convenience! And remember, the less steps it takes for your clients to write reviews, the more likely they will actually write them.

Ring in the new year by taking your business to the next level with WellnessLiving!

5. Increase your search power

Broadcast your brand this winter season and increase your search power on Google. Don’t quite know how?

WellnessLiving’s Reserve with Google integration allows you to attract more customers to your facility by placing a direct booking link to your business online. Presently, many people use the internet to search for new places and services before going out and trying them. Now, your center’s appointment schedule and services will appear on Google Search and your facility’s location will be clear on Google Maps. With this exclusive tool, you’ll be able to boost your ranking on Google and stand out in your industry!

6. Ask your team for feedback

No one knows your business better than your team, so include them in the process of transforming your wellness center!

Your staff is in your facility day in and day out, so encourage them to share their suggestions to upgrade your wellness center this winter. Your front desk employees, for instance, may notice that many clients are complaining about long wait times when calling to book an appointment. In this case, introduce online booking to your website with WellnessLiving’s software! With four different channels for your customers to book online, this will decrease any issues they may be having when scheduling an appointment.

Your technicians may also bring their expertise to the table by mentioning a new trending service that they believe your clients will enjoy. They know your customers best as they interact with them on a daily basis, so use their insight to discover the best ways to revamp your facility.

Update your wellness center, masseuse with client
Trust your staff for feedback since they interact with your clients on a daily basis

7. Encourage clients to voice their opinions

Though your staff may be aware of how certain customers feel about your center, not everyone are directly vocal about their opinions. Encourage your clientele to give their feedback so you can ensure you are catering to their needs.

One of the best ways to know how your clients truly feel is to hand out quarterly surveys. We say quarterly (every 3 months or so), because this is something that should be done regularly to always stay connected to your target audience. As they say, “the customer is always right”. To motivate clients to share what they really think, let them know that all surveys are anonymous and offer rewards points for completing the survey!

Check out reviews left online about your wellness center too. The internet is rife with the public’s real views on issues, so take advantage of this fact and look at your social media pages and any other platforms where clients leave responses. In essence, this is one of the most valuable ways you can navigate how to upgrade your wellness center to meet the needs of your clients.

At the End of the Day…

Bring in the winter season with these strategies to transform your wellness center. By consistently looking for ways to make your facility better, you’ll surely stand out in the industry!

WellnessLiving‘ s all-in-one wellness center software is here to help you build a more successful business. Streamline your operations with innovative technology and connect with your clients and staff through mobile apps. We can also help you redesign your marketing strategy with our various automated marketing options and reach out to clients through our seven different client retention campaigns!

Ready to take your wellness center to the next level this winter? Sign up for a free, no-commitment demo with WellnessLiving and we’ll help you reach your highest potential!

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