5 Popular Fitness Challenges That Will Help Your Members Stick to Their New Year’s Goals

Posted on: 25 May, 2018

Fitness challenges provide an excellent way to keep clients motivated enough to stick to New Year’s goals. Often all it takes is a little push, consistent reminders, and a little bit of friendly competition to keep people on track to lose weight, get in shape and lead healthier lives.


The Whole30 challenge is an excellent way to reset your body by detoxing and eliminating sugar and other food cravings that sabotage most people’s diets. Whole30 is hugely similar to the Paleo eating plan but slightly stricter. The diet eliminates sugar, grains, dairy, and legumes and focuses on daily fitness.

Unlike other challenges, the Whole30 plan is free to join and lasts 30 days. It promises to change the way an individual thinks about food and could be the kick-start needed to keep individuals motivated and on the right track to fitness and weight loss. Combine a loyalty program challenge with the Whole 30 challenge to spark interest.

Lurong Living Challenge

Explicitly designed for CrossFit companies, the Lurong Living Challenge combines a Paleo diet with daily workouts and member accountability. Each day members log points for completing specific activities, like workouts and healthy eating. Online tools and applications make it easy to track personal goals and to record body measurements.

The challenge lasts 35 days and costs $55 to join. Members can win a variety of prizes ranging from Nike trainers, Lurong Living performance packages, exercise equipment, and apparel.

Whole Life Challenge

The Whole Life Challenge is a six-week challenge geared at improving personal health and happiness. Each day members can receive points by completing each of the seven daily habits. These habits focus on nutrition, exercise, mobilization, sleep, hydration, well-being, and reflection. All activities are worth five points. These points get recorded online via the Whole Life website or on the IOS or Android app.

Playing with a team helps foster success and offers an excellent way to track each other and provide motivation. A Whole Life Challenge at the beginning of the year is also a unique way to upsell during the holidays to get more individuals in classes. The six-week challenge costs $49 to join.

EmFit Challenge

Started by certified fitness trainer and CrossFit coach Emily Schramm, the EmFit Challenge promises to change the way individuals think about food, weightlifting, and body image. The challenge incorporates the Paleo eating plan with the extensive workouts. Ask your gym management if the facility incorporates the latest crossfit software solutions that will help you to keep track on your progress.

Choose the 21-day Superhero challenge and post a leaderboard in a prominent location within the gym. Members who choose to complete the challenge receive daily tips and inspirational videos to assist along the way. At completion, those who stuck with the program take home a variety of EmFit swag.

There are also additional items available for purchase on the official site to assist members along with their journey, like the weight training pack, which can be incorporated into home workouts.

DietBet Challenge

DietBet is an excellent group tool to motivate participants to lose weight. Available as a downloaded app for IOS devices, members place a bet of $30 to drop at least 4% of their weight within 30 days. Those who achieve their goals split the pot with other winners. According to the app, 96 percent of participants reach their goals with an average winning of close to $60. There are two different levels to choose from, including the Transformer where members bet $25 a month and vow to lose 10 percent of their weight in six months. The monthly bet is paid per month or a one-time upfront payment. It’s also an excellent way to generate leads from client recommendations.

The app is an excellent way for clients to chart progress and to focus on working out and combining healthy eating to achieve goals. Set the bet up by location or by class. There’s also a seven-day trial where individuals may cancel and opt out after seven days at no charge if they decide the challenge is not for them.

As with any weight loss or fitness plan, it’s important to set smart goals with members. Create a central location to sign in to hold individuals accountable for their results. Award those who complete the challenge with t-shirts or membership awards. Creating any daily challenge can help members stay on track, including creating a short-term reward system.

Incentivize Your Clients With The Achieve App

WellnessLiving’s Achieve App provides health and wellness business owners the ability to create a customized app that matches their brand’s look and feel. It’s also a great way to incentivize clients to stick to their New Year’s health challenges by offering rewards for attending your classes. By encouraging your clients to use the Achieve App, they will earn points for prizes and keep them coming back for more.

Clients use their smartphones to check-in to classes, earn points, and redeem prizes. The app rewards them for leaving reviews, making a purchase, referring friends, and even sharing your studio on social media. Once they have earned points, they will be able to spend them on the app.

The type of rewards you offer to your loyal clients is completely up to you. Rewards could be discounts on merchandise or classes. The beauty of the Achieve App is that you can make it work for you! The Achieve App also allows clients to look at your studio’s reward leaderboard, adding a competitive element that many people enjoy and find inspiring.

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