5 Tips For Fitness Entrepreneurs to Upsell During The Holidays


During the holidays, there are two kinds of people:

Those who buckle down on health and fitness, join a gym or fitness program, and go to town… and, those who slack off even more.

The latter slacks off because, well, the holidays are tough on health and fitness. Constant engagements and get-togethers, the desire to relax with family, and imbibing in a bit too much “holiday cheer” (booze) can mean eating right and hitting the gym fall by the wayside.

As a fitness entrepreneur then, you need to figure out how to market to both of these groups after the final ring of the midnight bells sound on New Years’ Eve. Here are some tips for doing just that:

1. Understand the Pressures of the Season to Make Attractive Offers

You’ve got people eager to get back in the swing of things and those who are rather reticent. Whether you own a dance studio, yoga studio, gym, or dojo, let’s explore what each group may want from you during this time of year.

For starters, both groups want deals. The holidays are a bank-breaker for most people, so consider giving out a coupon on your last class before the holiday break: “Come back on January 2nd for a free class!”

Beginner classes (those who have just signed up at your gym/studio) should get encouragement that coming back will be easy: “The first class will be light and relaxing.” Advanced classes should get a different message: “Come work off that Häagen-Dazs and peanut brittle with an intense Back At It! Class on January 2nd.”

Apply this scheme to all your marketing.

2. Stay in Touch on Social Media & Email Throughout the Holidays

You are probably going to be busy over the holidays too. So when it comes to your social media, make sure that you have an automated marketing system in place, and consistently send out messages that keep fitness in mind for your members.

3. Make Your Email Contact List Explode by Writing an eBook.

Free eBooks are just about the best way to grow your email contact list. Consider one that helps people cope, stay stress-free, not gain weight, lose weight, not have fights with family members and feel their best in the New Year. People are ready to welcome change at this time of year, and few of them have a game plan. Your professional advice could be exactly what they need – which makes for a very successful campaign.

Simply create the eBook, and put a link to it on your website, on your login page, and social accounts. Adapt the topic to your particular industry. Keep titles succinct, clear, and hit pain points. If you are looking to launch a new type of class, or grow attendance in an existing one, creating an eBook gives you a convenient way to speak to new and existing customers and cross-promote at the same time! Why should someone be taking muay thai and jiu jitsu at the same time? We don’t know, YOU tell US.

4. Take Advantage of Increased Attendance During the January Rush

If you know that your salon or studio is going to be packed after the holidays, consider planning a cross-promotional campaign to intrigue people while they are there. Chances are there will be more than a few newbies walking through your doors, and the classes they choose first may not be the classes they like best. Create posters, have your greeters conduct mini-surveys and have brochures handy to make sure you are taking advantage of every possible opportunity to grow your revenue in the coming year.

5. Streamline Your Customer Service With Online Booking

Trying out a new fitness class can be an impulse buy in many cases. Since sales is a numbers game, then the more classes a member tries, the more chances you create for them to come again. Empower your customer service team by making computer or tablet interfaces available when your customers ask to see a schedule. This will prevent them from slowing down your front desk team and enable them to book on the spot. Better yet, get them to download your app so they can browse your offerings at any time right from their mobile’s home screen.

The holidays and January are an opportunistic time for gyms, dojos, dance studios, and other fitness centers. By engaging your target audience in these 5 ways, you’ll be much more likely to see full classes after the holidays and throughout 2018.

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