Beat the Summer Slump with These 4 Tips


Summer is here! It’s time to fire up the barbecue, have a relaxing vacation and slack off on your fitness program… Right? As a fitness studio owner, that last part probably made you cringe, because you know it’s all too true.

Every summer you watch as your attendance drops. Even the most steadfast members of your studio seem to lose their motivation. However, there’s no need to despair. There are ways to encourage your clients to continue coming to the studio throughout the dog days of summer! Here are four tips to help you beat the summer fitness slump:

Offer Group Classes

Did you know that a recent study conducted by TRP discovered that people who exercise in groups are 26% less likely to quit? Group classes build a sense of community and offer motivation for clients to continue working on their fitness goals. Offering group classes throughout the year and into the summer is a great way to keep the summer drop-off from happening. Your clients will be committed to their group and won’t want to miss out on the social aspects of working out with them.

Have a Summer Sale in Your Retail Store

Running a retail store either online or from the lobby of your studio is another great way to increase your revenue. By offering products that your clients are likely to want or need, you’ll be helping them out throughout their fitness journey. Whether its equipment, power bars or protein shakes, your clients will appreciate this extra convenience. You can keep income coming in and move out inventory by offering awesome discounts on last season’s items. WellnessLiving offers an excellent inventory and discount management platform for your retail store so that you can keep turning a profit during the summer months.

Create an Irresistible Limited Time Offer

By offering current and potential clients special deals and incentives to come in throughout the summer months, you’ll be able to keep attendance and client motivation up. Encourage members to beat the heat by providing discounts or rewards for showing up. Make sure you let people know that this is a limited time offer, only for the summer months. This creates a sense of urgency that will make customers more likely to attend and spend money on memberships and classes. (Protip: the WellnessLiving platform has a built in rewards program you can use to get people excited to beat the heat and keep exercising!)

Alter Class Schedules

Another option to encourage attendance is to alter class schedules for the summer seasons. You can easily do this by combining or eliminating or classes based on attendance pattern records from previous summers. WellnessLiving provides an easy-to-use attendance analysis tool that allows you to filter records by location, time, day, staff, class, events and appointments. By looking into your summer attendance records, you’ll be able to determine which classes should continue running, if you should combine classes, or which should take a break for the summer. When combining classes, make sure you give the combo class an original name so that clients will perceive the new classes as something new and desirable!

Summer Doesn’t Have to Be Slow

You don’t have to give into the summer slump! Following the above tips can help you to keep your clientele engaged and motivated throughout the summer season. By utilizing the tools that WellnessLiving provides for your studio, you’ll be able to manage your studio during the summer months with ease.

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