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Welcome to our COVID-19 Resource Hub!

With the COVID-19 crisis, the business world is evolving daily, and we all must evolve with it. Now more than ever, community is essential, and our WellnessLiving Team is doing everything we can to help. This Hub is where you’ll find all the most relevant and timely COVID-19 related tools to keep you informed and manage your business. You’ll discover: COVID-19 health resources, blog posts and articles, knowledge base articles, and business development opportunities. Stay updated daily! And, remember, we’re in this together!


Business Opportunities


NPE is the leading business education and coaching company for fitness entrepreneurs to increase their profit, revenue, and happiness.

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Josh Biro is the founder of The Yogapreneur Collective, and head coach at Nomad Business coaching, a consulting company that helps yoga studio owners systematize their businesses for more profit and peace of mind.

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The Women in Fitness Association (WIFA) is the global not-for-profit association that brings together women from all over the fitness industry. Our remarkable resources, reliable support and commitment to go above and beyond are unparalleled and keep our community growing every day.

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Studio Grow

With decades of experience, thousands of clients, and countless businesses transformed—our team doesn’t just know their stuff, they prove their stuff. From operations to digital marketing to content creation, the ever-expanding team exists to help you create your freedom empire… and free up your life.

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